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McCoy Farm & Gardens makes a picturesque backdrop for family and special occasion photographs as well as for commercial landscape photography   

Photography Membership

We require an annual membership for professional photographers.  The membership fee is $100 and is required for any type of commercial photography on the grounds. Examples include family portraits, landscape photography, architecture photography, and wildlife photography The membership is valid from January 1 – December 31 of a calendar year. The fees are used to maintain and enhance the house and grounds.   

Portrait Photography

Each membership allows up to two assistants and 15 clients per photo shoot. More than 15 clients can be accomodated for an additional fee based on the size of the group. Contact [email protected] for more information. 

We often host weddings and events, especially on weekends, which might limit access to a certain area. However, McCoy is a large property and there are many special locations for your shoot.  

House Interior Photography

Photography inside the House always requires advanced reservation. The House is not open to photographers and is used for rentals and as an office and meeting space for our staff and volunteers.  We want to ensure that the house is staged and looking its best for your client.  A one-hour interior session can be reserved for $100 

Commercial Filming

All commercial filming requires permission and rates vary by the scale of the project. Please contact us if you are interested in filming. 

General Information

Hours: Dawn to Dusk  – 7 Days/Week

Visitor Entrance: 1604 Taft Highway, Signal Mountain, TN 37377 

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